Sunday, April 5, 2015

September 8, 2014- Week 5!!!!

Hey everyone! This was a pretty good week for us! And the best part is that Sara, Andres and little Andres all accepted baptismal dates!! October 11!!! It's still kinda far away...but we think that it is the perfect date for them. We really hope that they can keep progressing and do what they need to to receive testimonies!

Another great moment was when we taught Gabriela this week. She told us that her and her husband had watched the Restoration, and had started reading the Book of Mormon together, and that they've prayed about it. Hermana Traylor asked her how she had felt when she prayed, and she said "Really good". Then I asked her if she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Christ's church was restored through him. And she said, "I know that he was a prophet, and I know that this the right path to be on." I seriously FREAKED OUT, on the inside of course, haha. SHE KNOWS IT'S TRUE!! However...her husband still doesn't feel like he's received an answer. And...she only wants to get baptized if they can do it together, as a family. She says that is what they do, do everything as a family. So...she won't commit to a date yet. But...I know that he will receive an answer, as he keeps trying. I know that it requires a lot of diligence and patience, so I know that it'll come. I have so much faith that I will be able to see their baptism, given that I get the chance to be here another transfer or two. 

We had a couple of fun activities this week, haha! One was the RS Activity! The Relief Society president was a little upset this past Sunday because no one, not one soul, has been coming to the RS activities. And we never did either! But, we decided to invite ALL of our investigators, and a lot of less-actives, and kept encouraging the sisters that we saw to go too. And we went, and there was actually a really good turn-out! We learned how to make donuts! (Don't worry, I have the recipe!) It was super fun, and I know it helped to unify the organization a bit more. This next week, they're teaching pizza, and we hope there will be even more there! And the other activity...haha, well we planned a movie night for our ward! We wanted to have something that the members would want to invite their friends to, and something that would attract a lot of people. So...we watched FROZEN!! (Don't worry, we made sure to get permission from President before watching it. He actually told us it was a great idea!) And it was! A lot of people came and had a good time :) 'm definitely looking forward to watching it again in English though haha. 

We also had intercambios this week with the sister training leaders! Hermana Lara came to our area with me, and we had a really great time. I learned a lot from her, things that not only will help me here in the mish, but afterwards as well. It's kinda personal, but I want to share them with you. One of the things was about 10:20, she told me that her and her companion have been saying their personal prayers in seperate rooms, outloud. And I'm not talking about quietly talking under your breath, but like how you would talk if you were really speaking to someone. She told me about an experience that she had with a general authority, and how he expained the power of prayers like that...and how that's how we show that we really have faith in Christ's Atonement, and in His power to forgive us. She invited me to do it also. It's not like I've never said a prayer outloud but...especially in the mission, I never have because my companions have always prayed silently as well. was a really cool experience for me. I actually could feel the Spirit more as I prayed, and I really felt like I was in reality talking to someone. And I really felt like I was ready to start the next day like a new page, completely free of guilt, and ready to do whatever He asked me to do. And we have seen a few miracles since then, and I know it was because we were worthy and ready to follow the Spirit's impressions.

"Repent is perhaps the most hopeful and encouraging word in the Christian vocabularty."
-Elder Holland-

I love you all so much, and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

So we hiked a giant hill that is in the middle of the city this morning with our new best buds, Hermanas Lerigeth and Talbott! Atlixco is SUPER pretty, I love it here :)

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