Friday, April 24, 2015

April 20, 2015- Week 7 in Mayorazgo!

Hey everyone!
This week was completely crazy, but great! Well, first of all, my new companion is AWESOME! Her name is Hermana Perez, from Chiapas (like Hermana Gomez!). She has almost 5 months in the mission, and is the "daughter" of Hermana Traylor! I feel like, with all the things that happened this week, that we have been together for a long time, but it hasn't even been a week! But I love being with her. She is definitely the perfect last companion to have. She's eager to work hard, is super funny, and loves everyone. It's going to be a great transfer with her!
Well, I'm not gonna lie, we got REALLY sunburned this week from walking everywhere. I promise we put on sunblock, but it didn't help! I think the sun in Mexico is different. I look like a lobster and my companion keeps saying she's black now, haha. We spent the days visiting everyone we could and seeing a lot of miracles. Most of the miracles occured with the less-actives. They sure are progressing! 8 of them came to church yesterday!
This week, President also put us in charge of taking care of a sister missionary that was in the hospital. After visiting her there, we also helped take care of her at the mission home. It was really crazy and...well, I can't really explain it right now, but I promise I will once I'm home. But, one thing that I do know is that miracles happen. God is in PERFECT control of our lives, and He truly knows what's best for us. I don't have the words to explain how grateful I feel to Him for the miracles with this sister missionary. He truly does love us.
We were finally able to meet Lupita's son this week (the one that is super prepared to accept the gospel!) His name is Fransisco! He has SOOOOO many questions, but he's starting to realize that our church exactly how Christ's church should be. One thing that really surprised me was when he asked if we pay tithing in our church. We told him yes, then he asked us if we pay 10% like it should be! We told him yes and he was completely surprised! He then told us that of all the churches he has talked to, we are the only ones that pay a tithe of 10%. Most people we talk to don't accept the law of tithing very easily...but it was one of the things that helped him to have the desire to keep listening! We have another appointment with them tonight! :)
Funny/Gross Moment of my Mission: Well, after 17 months, after hearing of countless stories of this happening to other missionaries, it finally happened to me. On Saturday. I walked under a telephone line...and received a little "present" from a bird. My companion couldn't stop laughing and I was completely horrified. Have a happy week, everyone! haha

Hermana Perez and I studied a lot about the Sacrament this week, to help motivate the less-actives to come to church. In the talk by Sister Esplin in the October General Conference, she quoted Elder Holland who said "One of the invitations inherent in the sacramental ordinance is that it be a truly spiritual experience, a holy communion, a renewal for the soul." And it was a little funny because when we got to church yesterday, we were completely burnt out (and literally burned) and unsure of how to help our few investigators to progress. But as I took the Sacrament, I felt that renewal that my soul needed. I have no idea what waits for us this week, but I do know that partaking of the Sacrament each weeks helps us to increase our spiritual endurance and renew our commitment to follow Christ in every way that we can. The Church is true. :)
I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!!
Love always,
Hermana Smith

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