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September 15, 2014- Week 6 in Atxico!

Hey hey hey!

So this was a good week! Aaaand....I'm going to be staying with Hermana Traylor for the next 6 weeks! Whoo hoo! It's really good because we've been feeling like we're FINALLY in the groove of working together, and I know that now, we can just work so hard and see miracles. It's kinda weird though, because President asked that she and I still go to the transfer meeting tomorrow.... we don't know why, but I guess we'll see what happens!

So there were a lot of empty houses this is Independence Day here in Mexico, so we think that a lot of people went out of town. But it was still ok because the lessons we were able to have were  pretty great! Cool experience: We contacted a woman in the combi on Thursday and SHE WENT TO CHURCH!!! That has NEVER happened to me before on my mission. It was definitely a miracle! However...she doesn't live in our area, so we had to pass on the refernce. But we planted the seed!

Yesterday, we had a missionary coordination meeting with the stake president...and it was really really good. He hasn't been stake president for very long, but he has great goals for Atlixco. Anyway...he was really bold with us, but I think it's what we needed. He talked a lot about conversion, and how we aren't going to get ANYWHERE in the work if we aren't converted, and if we don't help our investigators to become converted. He gave us a lot of statistics...and yes, it's sad that the stake only has a 30% attendance rate, and that more than half of the most recent converts don't even go to church anymore. But it was also really motivating. It just goes to show that even when we think we're doing everything we can, there is really something more we can do, and we can't ever stop. I'm really excited to have another transfer here :)

So my companion and I have started a list....

  • Some kids turned off our power on Thursday. Just ours. Our neighbors still had electricity. We planned by candlelight before figuring out how to put the lights back on. (PS- Ask anyone in Casas Geo, which is where our apartment is, where the "g├╝eras" live. They'll tell you "Yellow house. Second floor. Blue curtains.")
  • We thought some of our investigators were going to kidnap us on Saturday. They picked us up to take us to their house so we could teach them...then they just kept driving....and driving...and driving... and I really thought they were taking us where no one could ever find us! But no, haha. They just wanted to buy us dinner :P 
  • A young woman at church on Sunday told Hermana Traylor that she and I should dye our hair black so that we can blend in more.
  • Little girls think we're actual Disney Princesses.
  • It's a wonderful day when the members give you hot dogs for lunch instead of goat meat or chicken liver.
  • People won't give you spicy food because they think you can't handle it. (Heads up, I think I can now eat more spicy food than most of the people here in Puebla.)
  • Everyone seems to think that since I'm from Utah, I'm either 1) Joseph Smith's granddaughter or 2) President Monson's next door neighbor..... Sorry folks. Neither one.
  • Woman have asked me for "parts" of my hair so that they can put them in in their's as extensions.
Haha... yeah. I really do love Mexico though :) There isn't one thing that I'd change about it.
And remember... “The simple secret is this: put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest to Him.” -Elder Wirthlin

That is a lesson that I have definitely learned here during my time as a missionary, and something I've been learning a lot in this area. Sometimes it's really hard to have complete faith...but I know that it's the only way to bring about the Lord's work. So trust Him, do everything you can, then hand your will over to Him. He'll take care of the rest. 

Have a great week everyone! I love you all so very much!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

-YES. It's actually THAT cold in our house in the morning.
-And guess who thought she'd have transfers after 4 1/2 months here??? Haha, joke's on Hna Traylor
-We played frisbee with Hermanas Lerigeth and Talbott today then decided to take some pics.... :)

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