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October 13, 2014- Week 10 In Atlixco!

Hey! This was a crazy week!!!!

Well, to start out, on Tuesday we had a zone conference and I just want to share something that one Elder said that I really liked. He said, "The only gift that we can give God, the only thing of ours that He didn't have before, is our agency. And we can only give this gift, and start to do His will instead of ours, through repentance." Haha that's it! I just wanted to share that! Then that afternoon, we started intercambios with Hermana Gomez and Hermana Talbott! And...Hermana Gomez came with me to our area :) It was super fun! It felt just like old times. I know that she and I have both changed a lot in the last 4 months though, but it just made everything even better.

Funny Story: So Hermana Traylor and I were walking in part of our area, past a bunch of combi drivers washing their combis. They're nice and our friends, and they like to try to talk in English to us. One said, "Hi, how are you?!" And we said, "We're fine!" But none of them knew what that meant, except one, who said, "She says she is fine! God is with her!" Not only is it funny what he said...but also that he told them in English...haha. 

This week, we also had intercambios with Hermana Hicken and Hermana Sanchez! This time, I went to their area with Hermana Sanchez! She is a new missionary (well, still in her training) and is super cute :) She has 2 weeks left in her training, and is doing awesome things. She is super humble...and when she prays, I really feel like she is talking to someone she knows personal. It was a great experience learning from her and getting to know the members in Tulipanes. 

We THEN had one more intercambio! With Hermana Poot and Hermana Rummler :) They are the other missionaries serving in Vista Hermosa, so it was pretty funny for Hermana Rummler to be visiting investigators and members that she's already met before. But she is so great too. It was kinda a hard day for us...we did a lot of walking and found a lot of empty houses. But it was good for her because, and she even told me this, she was able to see that we have struggles and challenges in our area too. I guess she was under the impression that because we're sister leaders, that our area is perfect. So far from the truth. But seeing as this is her first area, here in Atlixco, she was able to see that all areas of the mission are hard, and they all require a lot of effort and diligence. 

We ended Saturday night with meeting an AWESOME new investigator, Nancy :) Hopefully we'll get to know her more and get to share more the next week about her!!

Sunday was the hard day. We had spent all week running around, working hard, visiting so many people... and I was ready for Sunday. And...for the 7th week in a row, no one came to church. It was hard, because I was so sure that someone was going to be there. All through testimony meeting, I couldn't help thinking about how our investigators or the less-actives can't see the importance of our message. I felt really disappointed and tired. But, this week starts a new week and a new opportunity to try again. And this morning, I was read 1 Nephi 9:19 and realized that God is giving me the opportunity to become more like Christ. Maybe the people won't see the importance of the Gospel. Maybe they won't treat us well, or say nice or good things to us, but we just have to be patient and loving, regardless of all that. And then we have to keep trying.

Things are going great here in beautiful Atlixco :) I love being here, and I'm thankful that I get to share my testimony with those who live here. It is a great place to be :) I hope you all have a great week, and I love you all so much! So so much!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

PS: Scripture of the Week: Alma 38:9

-Hermana Claudia and her son Kuri invited us for cake for Kuri's birthday :) I promise he's not crying...he just likes to be funny :)
- Me and Hermana Carli! (Way back when we had intercambios haha)
-Planning after a long day! and a few more pics with Kuri :)

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