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November 24, 2014- Week 16 in Atlixco!

This was another great week for us!!!! :) It's sad because Hermana Traylor and I have reached the point where we don't want to leave...but it's probably coming now that it's what we want haha! But, I'm gonna break the week down again because it's easy :)

And head's up right now, I will probably talk about Jeronimo about 1,235,563 times during this email haha. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but HE IS JUST SO GREAT!

Tuesday: So Jeronimo :) We taught him about the Plan of Salvation this day. And it was so great! He had a lot of questions, but more than anything he was just so ready to learn. We have these cute little paper cutouts that explain the Plan of Salvation and we had them all layed out in front of him. And everytime we finished explaining a step, he just looked ahead and said, "Ok, what's next?!" He's reading the Book of Mormon, he's praying and we can see the light just coming to him. And he is one of the more humble, gracious people that I've met too. He also ordered us a pizza on Tuesday! Haha, I almost forgot about that :)

Wednesday: We were able to teach a lot of less-actives this day! Actually, all of our lessons were with less-actives I think! Those are always good days :) And we also killed a giant scary spider this day that lived outside our house...I'll send some pictures of it!

Thursday: Thursday was the hard day... it was a holiday here in Mexico (to celebrate the Mexican Revolution) and nobody was home. But it was still a good day because, well, it was my year mark! Happy 1 year to me! Hermana Traylor was super cute. She bought me some candy, wrote me a cute note, and also popped a balloon full of confetti all over me! It was definitely the hard day of the week... at times, I couldn't help but think "And I still have 6 more months of this?!?!" But, that night, I just started reading parts of my journal, and really, this has been the best year of my life. I can't believe I only have 6 more months of this. And I have a feeling that these last 6 are going to be the best months of my mission :) So...yay!

Friday: Intercambios with Hermana Salcido! I love this missionary! She is the cutest. We ate some really good food, found some new investigators, taught this man who knows EVERYTHING about the Bible and just had a really great 24 hours. She only has one more transfer after this one, so she's pretty much an expert haha. I learned a lot from her! 

Saturday: Jeronimo! This day, we taught him about the commandments. I don't really know what more to say than that they make perfect sense to him, he's going to start living them, and that he told us that he feels like he's starting to have a testimony. What more can a missionary ask for? 

Sunday: Jeronimo went and was able to see a normal Sunday service. They had the Primary program yesterday, and he loved it! He says that he's going to start bringing his grandkids to church. Then we went to Gospel Principles and talked about the gathering of Isreal, and he said it was so interesting, that he was going to go home and read more about it. He went to Priesthood, and left wanting to have all the book that we use in church! The high priest group leader was able to round up some "Teachings of the Presidents" book for him, and he was so happy! After church, the bishop asked if he could talk to Jeronimo in his office for a sec, and we were able to sit in there too! He mostly just wanted to get to know him more, but it was such a great experience. Jeronimo told him how he came in contact with us, how much we've been helping him to come closer to God, and how much he wants to be part of the church. He told him how he's invited all of his children to listen to the missionaries (we are now teaching his son, and his daughter is listening to other missionaries) and how he knows that this is the right path. I know Hermana Traylor and I were both about to cry, and I think the Bishop was really touched too. After all this, Bishop just looked at him and said, "Jeronimo, I have something that I would like to say to you. I would like to tell you what I see in you. I see you, in the future, as a great spiritual man. I see you as someone who will have the Priesthood and will be able to bless his family. I see you as a leader in this church." 

We were definitely tearing up at that point. It was just a testimony to us that what we have seen in him is what others can see in him as well. I remember, during our first visit with him, he poured us some water and handed it to us, and at that moment, we could all picture him as someone who would bless and pass the Sacrament. Last week, during a lesson, the member we had with us was bearing her testimony, and I watched him listen to her, and the strongest thought came to my mind, of him being a bishop, listening to someone so intently. I don't know that the Lord has in store for him after his baptism, but I know that he's going to great things. Hermana Traylor and I haven't been able to stop smiling, because we just feel so blessed being able to have the priviledge to know him.

Today! Best part of the week! Well, so Jeronimo had his baptismal date set for this Saturday, the 29th. And he's been telling everyone about it! We both feel like he's ready too, the only thing was that he has only gone to church twice...and the mission rule is that they have to go at least 4 times.Sometimes, President gives permission with 3. But, we prayed about it, and we both felt like the 29th is his baptism day. So, we called President this morning. We talked, he listened, then asked some questions and we answered. After all that, he said, "You two only have one problem... and the problem is that I like you guys too much." :D He gave him permission to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! :) We know that it's going to be a hard week - for Jeronimo and for us. But we also know that it's going to be a very special week :)

I love all of you so much! I hope everyone has a great week (and a great Thanksgiving!) and make sure to eat lots of turkey and pie for me!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 9:21-24

-My little 1 year birthday breakfast :)
-Hermana Traylor and I might have found some wet cement in Casas Geo... and we might have written our names in it. :)
-Ok, so this spider was so scary. And we were really worried because there is a little girl who lives downstairs who always plays right by where it was at. So Wednesday night, we decided that we just needed to kill it. So, we found some bug spray, and we asked our French investigators for a lighter. They of course wanted to help out after they found out what we were going to do! So... we burned the spider! It was so crazy and scary! Don't worry, we didn't start a fire or anything haha. But all of the people in Geo just might think the white girls (not just us, Maite too!) are crazy haha :P

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