Sunday, April 5, 2015

February 23, 2015- Week 7 in Ometoxtla!

Hey y'all!

So this week went a lot better work-wise haha! No trips to the hospital this time, so that was a bonus! Hermana Linford and I might have gotten the flu...but it was just a 24-hour thing so no big deal! But we were able to work a lot this week, and it just felt great!

A miracle happened this week!!! Well, both Guillermina and Rosalba have been SO close to accepting baptismal dates, but just haven't quite committed yet. But this week, one of the hermana's investigators, Juana, got baptized and they both went! They both were in tears. Guille told us afterwards that she just kept thinking "why isn't this my baptismal service??" She actually committed afterwards to be baptized this next Sunday! However, she's been SUPER sick (and with the illness she has in her lungs, it makes everything worse) and she wasn't able to get to church yesterday :( But please pray for a miracle! She's ready for baptism and she's super excited! Rosalba also loved it, and afterwards said something like "one day soon, that will be me". It was such an awesome experience. 

We also got to do LOTS of service on Saturday! We went and helped Rosabla's family make tamales (and left with quite a few addresses) and we also helped some less actives make bricks! Two things that I've never done before, but I enjoyed it a lot! 

This week, I found an AWESOME quote that I wanted to share with all of you.

"All you have to worry about is that you are doing your best in the place where you are today....There is nothing you can do about yesterday except repent. That means if you made mistakes yesterday, don't be making them today. Don't worry about tomorrow, because you may have no tomorrows....If you can always witness honestly that whatever you did, you did to the best of your ability, and the next da try improvement on that, when your life's end comes, of you it can be said in truth, his was a successful life because he lived to the best that was in him... All the Lord asks is that we do our bestñ and that's the measure by which we'll be judged when that time comes."
-President Harold B. Lee

I also turned 15 months old this last crazy how fast the time goes. But I still have a long ways to go! ;) Hermana Linford and I were kinda freaking about it...but then I read this quote. And you know, I do the best I can to end each day with no regrets. And that's what I'm gonna keep doing for the next 13 weeks. I put this quote up on my wall just to remind me to repent and do better every day. And really, that's life! This life is to improve and grow, and if we're honestly working on that, then things are going to be ok. Things are going to be wonderful actually :) 

This Sunday we also know about next Monday I may have some news for everyone! Who knows?!

I love all of you so much!!!! Thank you for all you do! Have a great week everyone!!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

-Hna Linford and I :)
-Us and Guille at the baptism
Aaaand my yummy quesidilla :) It's with a blue tortilla (which I love!)

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