Sunday, April 5, 2015

January 26, 2015- Week 3 in Ometoxtla!

Hey everyone!

We had a pretty great week! Well, first, updates on the investigators! Gudelia is doing awesome :) We went and cut down more corn stalks on Saturday (this time for about 4 hours) and we ALMOST finished! We're going to go again tomorrow morning to finish up. There's nothing quite like cutting down corn with machetes in the morning to start off your day! But, she told us that after we showed up, a lot of other churches have been coming to visit her... aka: Satan is starting to send the trials. But she told us that she loves our message, and definitely feels the best when we come to teach her. She told us that she's been praying to know if it's true, but doesn't feel like she's recieved the answer yet. But it'll come. :) Guille is doing great as well, but is having family problems, so we haven't been able to see her very much. But we're going to go tonight, and invite her to be baptized again! She's ready, we know she is :)

Something exciting about this area is that we eat SUPER Mexican food. In my other areas, besides all the spicy food in Tehuacan, the food has been relatively normal. But here, I think I've eaten just about everything. And by Mexican food, I'm not talking about tacos and salsa, although there's a lot of those too. But more like...cow liver, freshly-killed pig heads, red rice and beans, mole, blue tortillas, fish that comes out of who-knows-where.... yup. That's the Mexican food we eat here, haha. I don't think my stomach will ever feel the same again haha. I'm going to try to take more pictues of the food so you can all enjoy it with me! :)

This weekend, we had stake conference! I realized this morning that I have been to stake conference in all three of the zones that I've been in! I don't think that happens very often! But this stake conference was wonderful :) Elder Reyes, a memeber of the Seventy here in Mexico came and spoke, along with President Stellmon and the Oaxaca Temple president. It was super great! They talked about the temple in both of the sessions, and it made me miss the temple so much! It is definitely one of the things I miss the most. But, they talked a lot about temple preparation, and why we go to the temple. And even though I've entered the temple, it has been a long time (well, 14 months) since I've been able to go. And I realized that I also need to take the time these next few months to be spiritually prepared to go to the temple again. It doesn't matter if we go to the temple for the first time or the hundreth time - we have to prepare ourselves spiritually and be truly ready to recieve the messages that the Lord has waiting for us there. The temple president used the story of Moses and the bronze serphant to illustrate the importance of temple attendance - God doesn't take away our problems. Instead, He gives us the power to overcome them. And the only way to recieve that power is by going to the temple. I think that the temple is one of the biggest manifestations of God's love for us, and I know that He wants to communicate and talk with us there. And as missionaries, our purpose to help others to come unto Christ, and help them recieve ALL the saving ordinances and endure to the end. Too many times, we focus on the baptisms, which are also super important. But even more important is helping those we baptized, and the recent converts, to get to the temple. So, Hermana Lerigeth and I have the goal this week to focus on the recent converts in our area, and specifically start helping them prepare to enter the temple.

I love all of you so much, and I hope everyone has a great week! ¡Hasta luego! 

Love always,
Hermana Smith pictures this week. But next week!

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