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December 15, 2014- Week 19 in Atlixco!

Hey everyone!

Well, I'll tell you all the big news. For the first week of the transfer, I was put in a trio!!! So, early Tuesday morning, Hermana Traylor and I went to the mission home so that she could go to her training meeting. (Btw, President Stellmon and Hermana Stellmon act just like our parents. President made us toast and hot cocoa for breakfast, then when we sat on the couch, they gave us blankets so that we wouldn't be cold! It was so sweet!) The scary part was that, during the meeting, President kept talking about how this was going to be a "transfer of tests and trials" for me and that I need to remember that the Lord had picked my companion for a reason. To say the least, the hours before the transfers meeting were long and stressful! Before he announced the changes, he told everyone that there would be 6 trios in the mission...and at that moment I know I was going to be in one of them! I could just feel it! He announced my companions...and I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. But really, I had no need to be, they are absolutely great :) Hermana Pizaño (from Guadalajara) is finishing her mission this transfer, and Hermana Aguilar (from Honduras) has 10 months in the mission. We had a wonderful week together, with lots of laughs and lots of hard work. However, last night around 9:00, we got the call from the assistants, and told us that our time together had come to an end. We took Hermana Aguilar to Puebla this morning, and from there she went to Tehuacán. So now, it's just Hermana Pizaño and I :) I know that she and I have a lot to learn together, and I'm really happy to still be here in Atlixco. It will be another great transfer :)

Well, this week we found a lot of empty houses, haha! Just kidding, kinda! Saturday was the best day. We're back to teaching Sara and Andres (who had baptismal dates in October) and we are also teaching the english teacher, Ana, now! We had a super great first lesson with her and her family. The Spirit was so strong, and I know that she could feel it. We're really hoping to see her progress :) The less-actives are really starting to warm up to us now :) Now, they actually smile when they see us, and invite us to come back. None of them were able to come to church yesterday, but one day I know they will :) We have 2 great Christmas activities planned for the week, and we're hoping to see a lot of them there! 

I really like this quote. To be honest, I haven't had a Christmas where I feel like I've truly had the "spirit of Christmas". And...I think that is oen my trials in this "transfer of trials and tests" - to see if I can have Christ-like love and show it. I'm not going to lie...I've prayed a lot for the gift of charity this past week. My companion is great, super excellent, but we are very different, and the first couple of days, even though we got along ok, it was hard to have good, positive feelings. Maybe it's something that I shouldn't say here, but I do think that it's important to share. It's important to me to share with each of you that God answers our prayers. I'm not saying that I now have perfect Christ-like love for everyone I see, because that's not possible. But I have experienced a change of heart, at least in the aspect of my relationship with my companion. The things she says doesn't affect me as much as they did. The things she does (or doesn't do) don't irritate me as much. I've been blessed with the chance to get to know her and see her in a different light, and I know that all of these things have been answers to my prayers. ...Tuesday during the transfers meeting, President said something that I haven't been able to get out of my mind. He said, "For many of you, this is the transfer where you will find out that truly God lives and that He knows you personally". And I'm pretty sure that this is just the start of all that.  
Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all so much!!!

Love always,
Hermana Smith

Photo: My companions :) Hermana Pizaño, Hermana Aguilar and me (remember when I said while in Tehuacan that I'll come home as a bowling ball?? Well, it think it's coming true haha! Oh well!)

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