Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 23, 2015- Week 3 in Mayorazgo!

his week went by really really fast, yikes!! It was a harder week, but we were still able to have lots of good experiences!
Monday night: We found a new investigator (well, kinda!) Her name is Luz, and we contacted her the Saturday before. At first, we weren't really sure how it was gonna go, because when we met her, she told us that she is super Catholic and doesn't make commitments. But we just taught as plainly and directly as we could, and we could see her change right before our eyes. She started opening up more, and ended by telling us that she really wants to learn more! However...she's going to be in Tehuacan for the next month. :P So, I'll go back after transfers (that's if I don't have transfers) and we'll see how things go! We also went to a family home evening with the Primary Presidency! They are really awesome :)
Tuesday: We had a really great lesson with Yanet and her family that night! She is so ready for baptism! She is going to have her interview tonight, and her baptism is Saturday! It's going to be super awesome... I'll tell you why next week! ;) But it was crazy because right when we finished with prayer, the lights when our WHOLE area. It was SO dark, and a little scary. They offered to walk us home because, well, we live in the city and who knows what could happen. It was really nice of them. But we were just so grateful we were with them and not just wandering around in the streets when they went out. God is aware of us, always!
Wednesday: "Como se llama?" worked! I'm not sure if I've explained it, but it translates to "What's their name?" And we're supposed to talk everyone about their family, friends, neighbors, the women that make their tortillas, etc and then ask them their names. It's President Stellmon's new way of receiving references, and it worked! We went to visit some less actives and when they didn't let us in, we just started asking them the names of all of their neighbors. I don't think they even realized what was happening until we wrote them all done then told them we were going to go visit them and see if they were interested! They immediately told us that no one was going to accept...but that wasn't true! The woman who lives in front of them totally let us in and is really interested! Her name is Lupita :) We were very happy to go back to that family that their neighbor had accepted the invitation, and thanks for helping out in the work! They sure were surprised!!
Thursday: We had intercambios and Hermana Newton came with me!! It was just like Cholula all over again! We had a really great day! We visit Yanet and the Lauras, and ate cinnamon bears (who knows where she found them, but i was happy!) This is her first time in her mission that she's serving in the city, but it's really growing on her :) I've always liked the city... I miss the calmness of the pueblitos, but I do like it here.
Friday: Ha, well, this was the day where no one was home....on to Saturday!
Saturday:We had mini-intercambios with Hermana Hymas and Hermana Moya, and I went with Hermana Hymas to her area.  She is super awesome :) We taught a 3-hour lesson that day... it was insane. Their investigator's name is Ricardo and he is SO close to getting baptized...but is just caught up on a few doubts that he has. It didn't matter if we tried to explain the answers, use scriptures, anything... he just couldn't accept what we said. It was a little frustrating, but more than anything, we just did our best to testify of the need to study and pray. We could try to explain things all day long, but it's way more effective when we find out for ourselves. I know that when he gets baptized, he is going to be a great member. I just really hope he can find his answers, or let his faith guide him instead of his questions. 

Sunday: Well, we were finally able to see Magda and Danny after a week of fallen appointments and well, we're not really sure what's going to happen. Danny really wants to get baptized, but his mom and step-dad are not permitting it. Magda has really withdrawn, and they didn't come to church yesterday so... we're going to keep trying to help Danny but who knows what's going to happen. :(

But it was a really great week. Every night this we came home so exhausted that we just planned then crashed. It was hard to work that hard in Cholula, so I sure am grateful for the chance to be here and be so exhausted. I was surprised by how fast the week went, but I think this week is going to go by even faster. If you can keep praying for Yanet, so that everything goes well for her baptism on Saturday!!
Quote of the week:

"Shape up. I say that to myself constantly. Shape up. Stand a little taller. Be a little better, a little stronger, a little more thoughtful, a little humbler, a little more prayerful, that you may be worthy of the guidance of the Lord and of His wonderful blessings."
-President Gordon B. Hinckley
You guys are wonderful! Thank you for all you do!! Have a great week!
Love always,
Hermana Smith

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