Tuesday, August 12, 2014

June 9, 2014- Week 10235896 in Tehuacán :)

Happy Monday!!

Well, this week was a bit rough for us. I don't really have a reason why...but we walked a lot, prayed a lot, studied a lot, invited a lot...and nobody wanted to listen. Almost all of our appointments fell through AND...I got sick again. But no worries, I'm all good now! Looks like I'm just going to be one of those missionaries that is sick her whole mission! But all in all, I feel good, because I know that we did our part this week. We worked to be 200% obedient, talked to every one we could...and I know that the Lord is just teaching us to be patient and diligent. And I know that when we do our part, He will do His.

This week was a bit hard in another way as well... I'm just going to say that I absolutely love Hermana Gómez. She is an amazing missionary...and this week was hard because we realized just how little time we have left together. Every Thursday, we have weekly planning and at the end, we have to have a "companionship inventory". Haha...and when we tried to talk about "what we need to do to strengthen our relationship as companions", she turned to me and said, "I have a better idea. We need to try to destroy our relationship so we don't completely fall apart when we have transfers!" She is definitely going to do great things, and I am very grateful that we still have (at least) 2 more weeks together. 

Funny story for the week: We were teaching Luz Janett and her family about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. And I started to ask Hugo a question...and I started with "Hugo..."...but I accidentely said it with the "H" (in spanish, the "h" is ALWAYS silent) and it came out like the word "Jugo" - which is juice in spanish. Poor kid. But he said that he's always going to remember the nickname that "Hermana eSmit" gave him, haha. 

Oh! And there is now a new worldwide rule for all the missions...we can no longer have district or zone activities! AND, if we do want to do something on Mondays, we can only do so with sisters and no more than 4 in a group. Kinda crazy, huh?? But it was kinda fun today, because the sister training leaders invited my companion and I to have a picnic with them to celebrate Hermana Seañez' birthday! It was weird with just us 4... but what could we do?! It was still super fun though :)

Sorry...I really don't have much else to say this week... but we know that this next week is going to be better :) I hope all of you are doing AWESOME and that everything is going well. I love you all so much, and have a great week!!

Love always, 
Hermana Smith

Scripture for this week: Omni 1:26

Pictures: Hermana Analuisa gave us a whole bunch of limes...and we made a little family. :)

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