Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July 7, 2014- Ameyal: Week #2!

Guys. This week went by SOOOO fast! Ahhh!

So, it was another crazy week here in Ameyal. Tuesday and Wednesday...Hermana Rookstool was sick :( It was so sad. I hope we don't have too many more problems with sicknesses... I feel like every single transfer, there is something though!! But it was ok, because we were able to study a lot more Spanish and learn more about each other. And we figured out that we have a LOT in common. It really helped us to grow closer together. 

Then on Thursday... we met our new Mission President!!!! President Stellmon and his wife, Hermana Stellmon :) To say the least...they are so great! I love them already! I'll tell a little bit about them so y'all can get to know them too :) President Stellmon and Hermana Stellmon were friends all growing up, because their families were friends. They started dating in high school, he went on his mission to Boliva, she wrote him the whole time and they got engaged the day after he came home!!! So crazy right?!?! They are from Idaho (not sure what part) and have (I think) 6 kids. :) But they are super awesome. They are both super funny and very humble. I know that they're going to do great things for the mission :) 

On Friday/part of Saturday, we had intercambios with the sister training leaders here in Cholula. I ended up going to the city of Cholula with Hermana Rangel, who is great :) Oh, Happy 4th of July! I almost forgot about it on Friday, but weirdly enough, Hermana Rangel kept reminding me. :P So, we bought Tacos Arabes to celebrate and I played the Star Spangled Banner ON THE FLUTE!!!! Because Hermana Rangel brought her's with her to the mission!!!  I'm not gonna lie, it sounded awful after not having played for 7 months, but it was still wonderful :) 

But the best part was the things I learned with Hermana Rangel. We talked a lot about the area I'm in...and we talked a lot about what it means to be a successful missionary. And I realized that...in a very short amount of time, I'm going to be coming back home to all of you. And I don't want to leave with any regrets. And so...even though we still don't have people to teach...I'm ok. Because I know that I'm doing everything I can do to be the servant God needs me to be at this time. This really is a beautiful opportunity that I have right now - to take an area that has nothing, and do everything we can to transform it into a "field that is ready to harvest". Right now...we are just gospel seed planters. But we are going to be the best gospel seed planters Mexico has ever seen, haha! I really am grateful for this area. I'm grateful for my companion and her faith and diligence. And I'm especially grateful for the testimony that I have about this church and gospel. I finished the Book of Mormon this week, in Spanish. And it was an experience that is going to be in my heart forever. I know for a surety that the Book of Mormon is true, and that my Savior lives. There is nothing in this world that can take that testimony away from me. :)

I love all of you so much! And I hope you all have a great week! You're always in my prayers :)

Love always,
Hermana Smith

PS - so the pictures. The two other sisters are Hermanas Prieto and Slack :) They are the other sisters in serving in Ameyal. And the others...are from last monday and today! We ate banana splits...and then we had to do it again for week 2! It's becoming an addiction!!!!! D: So sorry if I come home looking like a bowling ball. We can blame it on Cholula!

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