Tuesday, August 12, 2014

April 28, 2014- Week 16 in Tehuacan


Well....I'm going to start by saying that this is going to be a very boring, uneventful letter. Lo siento! But we had another hiccup this week....

After we went to the zoo last Monday, I ended up in the house with a fever. And there I was almost all week. The doctors say that it was another stomach infection, but not nearly as bad as the first one. But it was still enough to make me feel a little bit awful, and to make me take about 1,608,483 different pills. That's what it feels like anyway! But the superheroes of the day were definitely Hermana Gómez and the members! Every day that we were in casa, Hermana Gomez called all of the hermanas she could until she could find 2 that were willing to stay with me, and one to leave with her. We knew that this week was too vital in the progress of our investigators to stop working. We HAD to keep going. So every day, my little new missionary left the house with an hermana and I stayed with another. And she was fantastic. She taught lessons, she contacted our references, she contacted in the street, she visited the members...she is a superstar. I am so proud of her, and her courage to go out (practically) alone and share the gospel. 

And those members...this weekend, we had stake conference and President Reeves came as well to speak. And when he began his talk yesterday, he got a bit teary, then said, "Thanks to all of you who take care of our children here in Tehuacan" I know that he wasn't talking about just me, but in that moment, the faces of those members flashed acrossed my mind, and my heart was filled with so much gratitude for them. I love my little family here in Tehuacan. Every day they are willing to sacrifice everything to help build up the kingdom. And I am especially grateful for Hermana Soledad y Hermana Ana Lilia....not a lot of people want to stay in a house with a sick American for 3+ hours, but they did it every day. And it really was a blessing in disguise...I think they needed those chats just as much as I did.

I don't know a lot of things in this world.... But I know that when we ask for patience, Heavenly Father is going to give us trials so we can develop it. When we ask for more faith, He's going to give us trials that are going to make us prove what we really believe in. When we ask for strength, He's going to give us trials that are a little hard to bear, so that we can build up the endurance that we want to have. I don't know a lot of things, but I know that Heavenly Father gives us trials. And everyday, we get to choose to either embrace them and grow, or let them bring us down. ....I remember very distinctly one fireside that I attended last year in March. I don't remember the name of the speaker, but I remember her asking us, "Who is YOUR Heavenly Father? I know exactly who my Heavenly Father is, but to each of you, who is your Heavenly Father?" And this question has been in my mind ever since. Who is my Heavenly Father? Who is he to me personally? ...well, I'm here to tell you that my Heavenly Father is loving, kind, understanding, wise...but not easy. He knows me inside and out, and He knows that I have a lot of self doubts. He knows that I'm not perfect. He knows that I struggle every single day, and He knows that sometimes, it's hard for me to face each day with a smile. He knows that I am growing spiritually, and that the very specific, hand-picked trials that He gives me are going to help me to do so. He pushes me until I learn, but most importantly, He walks beside me in every one of these moments. Through the Atonement of His perfect Son, I can feel His love, His strength, and I can see His wisdom in all things. I don't know a lot of things, but I know who my Heavenly Father is. And I know that He loves me, and each one of you.

This week is going to be a great one, as we look forward to the baptisms of Marina, Daniel and Carla this Sunday :) And it's going to be great because I'm serving the Lord in the best mission in the world, and there is nothing more important or rewarding than that. :)

Funny/Gross/Terrifying story of the week: We found our first cockroach in the house last night. Yeah. It was kind of really awful! I'd like to say that it was the first and last time...but I know that probably isn't true.... Bleh :P

I hope all of you have a great week, and I love each one of you so much :) Thank you every week for your letters, they really help me so much! Adios!

Love always, 
Hermana Smith

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