Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hey you all!

So some of you might be wondering why I put Tehuacan and Puebla this week. Well, let me tell you all about it! Because this week, I spent 5 of the past 7 days in Puebla! This was another abnormal week for us, Really abnormal, but all is fine and dandy now :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal and great! We taught a lot of lessons, contacted A LOT in the street and overall, the work is moving forward here in Tehuacan. Like I said last Monday, transfers were this past week, and 3 of the missionaries left in our district, and we gained 5 different ones! Yep, we now have a district of 10 (6 of which are Hermanas!) and two of the Hermanas are sister training leaders for our zone. They´re really great, and I´m excited to work with them more this transfer. The new missionary for our ward is really nice too, and I think the four of us will be able to accomplish a lot...after this next week, haha.

Wellll....Thursday, Hermana Muñoz and I traveled to Puebla for some studies, an ultrasound of her stomach and a consultation with the doctor. I should probably explain what exactly went down the past couple of weeks, haha! So on the 8th, we were walking, and all of a sudden, my companion had super intense pain all through her stomach, back and she could barely breathe. All that week, she had been experiencing a tiny bit of pain after eating, but we didn´t think much of it. But we hurried to a member´s house, called President Reeves and we went to the emergency room here in Tehuacan. They put her on an IV and some medicine until about midnight that night, and then we went back home. They told her it was just because of how spicy the food is here, and her body is just adjusting. And we should have learned to always get a second opinion, haha! But oh well. All the next week, even with the pills and injections, she still was experiencing quite a bit of pain on her right side. The mission doctor told us that we needed to go to Puebla and visit with a specialist. So that is when we traveled to Puelba on the 15th. He told her that her vesicula (I´m still not entirely sure what it is, I think her gall bladder) was possibly inflammed and that she needed the studies and ultrasound. He told us we could do them in Tehuacan, but we couldn´t, so we went back on Thursday to Puebla. Ok. So this week...

Thursday night, the specialist took one look at the ultrasound and then told us that my companion needed surgery ASAP to remove her vesicula, because it was a little...grave. Her vesicula was twice the size of normal, and she had a large stone in it as well. We were only prepared to stay the night in Puebla, so it was a bit of a shock for us, but Friday morning, she checked into the hospital and that afternoon, they took out her vesicula! The sister training leaders serving near the hospital are ANGELS. They came that afternoon to be with me while she was in surgery and stayed all day. Later that night, we found out that we could leave the hospital the next day, but Pres. Reeves wanted us to stay in Puebla, near the hospital, until today. So, because we didn´t have clothes or anything, Hermana Rameriz (one of the sister training leaders) and I went BACK to Tehuacan Friday night for clothes and supplies. Hermana Seañales stayed with Hermana Muñoz. Saturday morning around 6, we went BACK to Puebla and stayed in the hospital, then with the sisters in their house until this afternoon! I am happy to report that my companion is recovering beautifully, we are in Tehuacan once again, and hopefully after our appointment with the doctor (in Puebla) this Saturday, we will be able to start working again next week. Whooo. Lots of information, thanks for reading :) 

(Worst part of my week: So every 2 hour bus ride, they play a movie on the bus. Most of the time, the movie is in Spanish and weird, so it´s really easy to ignore it. However...this morning, they played "Les Miserable" English...really loud. Satan sure knows how to tempt us to break the rules! Good thing I had my scriptures with me to keep me distracted, haha!)

This next week is definitely going to be a crazy one for me. Because Hermana Muñoz can´t leave the house, I have to go on splits with the members every day in order to keep up with our investigators and the inactives in the ward. I will be honest, I am really scared! But I know that this is going to help me a lot as a missionary. I´ve been needing to get over my fear of talking a lot in lessons...soooo...this is exactly what I need, right?!

Sorry I don´t have much to report this week! This has definitely not been the normal training experience in the field for me! The First 12 the Hospital! But really, I am learning a lot despite all of the medical mishaps. I´m happy to be here :) I just love everything about this place, and I love the people SOOO much. There is definitely a special spirit here, and I feel so blessed every single day to be here, with these people. 

I love all of you so much! You are all amazing, and keep doing great things! :) Til next week!

Love always, 

PS - Don´t judge me in the photo! Like I said, we weren´t exactly prepared for our long stay in Puebla haha! And the last photo is of a GORGEOUS sunset in Puebla, with the volcano Popocatepetl :)

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