Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 1, 2013

Hola mi familia y mi amigos! 

This week has been a great week! We did a lot of teaching (some good lessons, and some that we can definitely learn from!) and tried to fill our heads with as much Spanish as possible. It's kinda crazy to think of how much Spanish I knew 2 weeks ago compared to now. This morning, I was reading "Preach My Gospel"...in Spanish! And I knew almost every word! The Lord has blessed me so much this week, even though I know I haven't deserved it, haha!

I should probably let you know that on Wednesday, Hermana Linford and I took a trip up to the MTC health clinic. I know Heather remembers this, but a few months back (when we were running a lot) I kinda did something to my knee and never figured out what happened. Anyway, it started hurting a lot again when I got here, and she finally convinced me to go see a doctor. The doctor was nice, and he thinks that it's nothing major. He thinks that a certain tendon in my leg around my knee just gets irritated and inflamed after a lot of exercise. I can't run AT ALL anymore, at least not until after my mission, and he prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication for me to take when it hurts. Two Elders in my district also gave me a blessing. It has helped a LOT. There is almost no pain in my knee anymore. I still have to go back in 10 days so they can make sure it's not a bigger problem but I honestly think that it's taken care of. So yay! But the cool part to this story is that when we went to the pharmacy to get the medicine, the pharmacy's card machine wasn't working, so they could only take cash. Hermana Linford and I didn't have enough cash with us, but the pharmacist just took out his wallet, put some money in the register and said, "Go get 'em, Sisters!" I was so grateful for his act of service towards me. Like I said, the Lord has blessed me more than I deserve.

Thanksgiving was great! At first, I woke up feeling really homesick, but as soon as the day started, most of those feelings melted away. We spent all day at the main campus. Elder Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us that morning! He gave a fantastic devotional, about how to truly become the Lord's missionaries! Then we had a Thanksgiving Dinner for lunch, walked around the temple and sang lots of hymns. Then we had a devotional about the church's humanitarian program, and then....we helped prepare 350,208 meals for Utah kids who don't get enough food! It was an awesome experience! You guys might have heard about it, we heard that it was on the news or something? But it was really wonderful. We have truly been given so much, and it was a wonderful feeling knowing that we were helping children receive the proper care that they deserve. After the humanitarian project, we ended the day with watching "Ephraim's Rescue". If you haven't seen it, go watch it! It's good!

After being here a full week, I now know what they mean by "the days are long, but the weeks are short". I can't believe I've been here for as long as I have! And it's kinda funny, because my district is actually scheduled to be here for 7 weeks! We were apparently supposed to report the 27, but they didn't want to make anyone report the day before Thanksgiving. But for the way transfer are in my mission, we have to stay here for an extra week. Which I am grateful for, because that's more time I have to *try* to learn Spanish, and to spend with my district. The other Hermanas and I have grown so close the last 11 days! I think that's why Thanksgiving wasn't as hard as it could have been, because we were still with family. I love them so much! 

Yo se, con todos mi corazon, que Jesucristo es mi Salvador. Mediante Su Expiacion, volvemos vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial. Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios, y es verdadero. La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es la iglesia verdadera. Dios nos amas. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. (It's not perfect, but it's the truth!)

I love all of you so much. Thank you for your letters, I absolutely love them! and I will do my best to answer as many as I can. I love this Gospel, with my whole heart! This is the Lord's work and I'm glad to have the honor of wearing His name on me all the time, for the whole world to see!

With all my love,
Hermana Smith

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