Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey familia!

It has been another crazy week here in Mexico! But I am still just loving it, and enjoying being a missionary!

So this week, we have been working really hard with 3 investigators - Rosario and Lupita (The mom and daughter who are still planning on being baptized on the 1st) and a new investigator, Marina. We met her in the street my first week here, and she is a single mom with 3 little kids, and has a lot of difficulties in her life. But as we have taught her this last week about the Gospel, and the hope that comes with it, her whole countanence has changed, and she is becoming a completely different person. It is absolutely the BEST thing to see someone change right before your eyes. She has committed to be baptized on March 1st! (Woot, happy birthday to me!) But seriously, I just love everyone here, and this is the most amazing work in the world.

We have also been working with a few in-actives this week. Jonathon is a Recent Convert AND that´s been interesting! And also with Analousia who is so sweet and nice. And also the Palamares Family. They have two sons, and the mom and the sons have been coming to church again! They live right across the street from us, so we get to check up on them almost every day :) 

This week was really abnormal haha. On Wednesday, we had district meeting (like usual), but then we had Zone conference ALL DAY with President and Hermana Reeves! It was a great conference, and I really appreciated the instruction we received. President Reeves talked a lot about the Spirit, and its role in Missionary Work. He quoted Wilford Woodruff, who said that the gift of the Holy Ghost is the greatest gift man can receive in mortality, and I whole heartedly agree! There is no way that we would be able to find, help and teach people without the Holy Ghost. Then, on Friday, Hermana Muñoz and I had to go to Puebla for more paperwork for my visa. (Puebla is 2 hours away, so we were gone for a while). But I was able to see two of the elders who were in my district in the MTC, and they are doing great as well! Then Saturday was just loco! But it was also my favorite day, because Moises was baptized!!! YAY! It was really awesome seeing him take that next step in his eternal progresson. He is amazing, and he will be a great leader in the church. 

Sunday was also pretty crazy... news spread that I could play the piano and now (I think) I will be playing EVERY week in Sacrament Meeting and I think my companion signed me up to teach the children in the ward piano. (I say I think because most of the time, I really don´t know what people are saying, haha) So...yay! It´ll be interesting for sure. But, last night, we contacted a referal and the WHOLE FAMILY WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED. The parents and two daughters! They have a lot of things to work through beforehand, but we´re excited to start working with them and helping them reach their goal of being an eternal family. :)

The work is great. The church is true! I know that this is the Savior´s church on the Earth, and I know that He stands at the head, guiding and helping us. I know that He is my Savior, and I know that through Him, we can change and become the people that we want to be. I know that all things are possible through Him, through His strength and mercy. I love you all, family!!! You are in my prayers 24/7 and I hope all of you are happy and healthy! 2 months has gone by fast! Too fast, haha. But I´m looking forward to all the remaining time I have here :)

Love always, Hermana Smith

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